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Michio Kaku on alien brains

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Michio Kaku on alien brains


Click here to watch video - 04:08s

The theoretical physicist talks about the ways in which an extraterrestrial brain may differ from ours.

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Great Point Indeed.

I have long called for a new re-tooling of our planetary intelligence so that humans are truly placed in a more accurate perspective with the rest of the planet instead of constantly thinking that because we need Screwdrivers to survive, we are intelligent. How about asserting our intelligence back BEFORE we needed screwdrivers to survive, were we more intelligent when we lived naturally off the land? How about giving more credit to species that have been around for Millions of years and survived without the need to evolve beyond the evolutionary confines of its species, and the planet to sustain it?

So, like the Native Americans of old, who didn't have a concept of a human being OWNING a particular parcel of land, as they knew land could not be owned and sequestrated to one person lest it loose its integrity to sustain life. So too must Superior Alien Intelligence's see the same thing with our relationship with the earth. Whenever man covets a stretch of land to themselves, and puts up borders, it must look silly, as what lake can survive without its rivers, and what beach without its sea?

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