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Torn hearts

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Torn hearts

Why is it Lord….

our hearts why are they torn,

greens and reds co-joined

in an uneasy embrace?

More like a battle than a dance,

each wanting to lead

as they go round and round

healing or deepening old wounds.

We can heal and cut,

bring to life and kill,

so much blood

and then again more love.

War within and without,

carrying each others burden,

punishing others for our own inner evil,

the red becoming darker as the rage deepens,

burying what is true in a deep inner cell,

often without a key.

Is that why our world is gong crazy,

or always has been,

seeking release through power,

or taken pleasure at others expense,

and in the process

our world seems to sink into hell,

yet grace at work

if only we have they eyes to see.

The key if it is to be found

is there for all to see.

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