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Could I please have a reading/ advice?

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Hello everyone,

I having been going through a really hard time in my life, and was requesting that you please provide me some guidance and advice. I have always been a great student and was offered scholarships to 2 different universities. However, I declined them because I wanted to go into a specific medical program that wasn't offered by those schools and because of my fiance. Now after I have completed extensive prerequesites I am finally in the program at a community college, but it is so different than I expected. I have never been so unsure in my life. I know I really want to do this job, but the path to get there seems almost impossible. I also used to be so motivated and driven to do well academically, and I feel differently lately. Am I doing the right thing? Is this the right path for me? I just wanted to see if someone could please offer some insight into what is going on with me!! Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hello Makebelieive1,


I will do a reading for you. All I ask is that you provide feedback.

The first thing that i'm seeing is that there is a man that you are afraid of disappointing.Whoever this person is, he is very important to you. This man could be a Father or a partner. It appears there is a whole lot of work involved in the study of this field. There is also a great deal of expense, which is also becoming an issue for you.

Things are not quite oin balance for you, and you feel tired and don'know if you can handle the workload.. Now you find you're losing steam.

If you can find a way to simplify your life that will help. You may also need to prioritize goals, and not spread yourself thin.

The thing is, if you can get through this somehow, your life will be much richer!

Blessings to you!

If at all possible, it lopks


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Might pay to check out your mineral deficiencies too, always helps to be on top the best you can be to face the unknowns in life as well as redirecting your attention so that you are not consumed by only one mental process.

The mind can only handle one thought at any one time and if you focus on one then you miss others may be beneficial in re evaluating your position.

Not a reading I know but pertinent anyway....

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greenearthbaby thank you so much for my reading!!! Yes I am extremely fearful of disappointing my significant other because I want to be able to support him and provide for us financially. The feelings you described were also what I'm experiencing! I am very apprehensive of my ability to handle the work load and feel burnt out. One thing I wanted to ask is, do you think this is the right path for me? I know you said if I can get through this, life will be better but did you mean get through the program or get through this situation and choose a new endeavor. Once again, thank you for your time kind soul.

Always with care,


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