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Could someone give me a reading? Thank you!

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My name is Spencer

I have been in a confusing time lately, I have tried to contact my guides but no luck yet, I am losing hope that I will be able to get advise from them anytime soon and I really need it. Because of this, I am looking to have a reading done, so my main question right now is: Should I let go or give it one more Chance?

This is my first time on these discussion boards to be clear, so please let me know if there is anything I can do to make it an easier experience for people reading and responding to me.

If making a new post about communication with my guides would be more appropriate in another thread, I will move that topic over there. But I would really benefit from a reading.

I greatly appreciate your help, and I look forward to getting a response :). Thank you again.

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Hello slc97,

Sorry It has taken me so long for me to get back to you. My time for readings lately seems to be getting shorter. I'm happy to do a short reading for you from the tarot.

The first statement I would like to make is that you are a fair person, and you use your intellect when making decisions.of this sort. However, the decision doesn't need to be made immediately. It looks like you may want to think this decision through before you make a move. You can rely on your gut instinct in this area.

Another point to be made, is that whatever you decide to do, do it with as much fairness as possible. Be well prepared, paying attention to all details. you've been kind of hit out of the blue on this situation, so there was an element of surprise.

The last thing is don't be afraid of the unknown. Something about this situation is uncharted waters, so to speak.

Best of luck to you.

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It's taken a while, about five months for me to say not only thank you for your time, but also thank you for a very helpful reading. Looking back on that time, your advise was substantial. I apologize for the delay, but again I appreciate your insight.

sending good energy your way,


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