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The Woman in White.

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First off, I know there will be lots of skeptics on this. Which it's alright. I can already bet who will be the ones to be the first to comment.

Anyways. Growing up, I saw different things, and you know at the time you don't really know what to think of something weird you have seen.

To go in deeper, in 2002 I was in the 2nd grade. So I'm still immature and dumb lol. I mean to say all this because you can't really comprehend a lot when you're younger.

Well I'll give out these specific details to give a picture of my room layout for what I'll say next.

My house is 2 stories, and has 6 rooms upstairs. When you go up the stairs, theres a room on the left which is my parents master bedroom, and on the right is mine. Their door is a double door size entry. So my bunkbed that I had at the time was on the corner of my room, to be able to see into my parent's room. The rest od the hallway doesn't really matter.

One night, I was looking at my fake fish tank, (yes I know it sounds weird) and I wasn't very tired, and was laying in bed. My clock said 3 am or so. I look into the hallway, and holy cow.... there's a woman all in white. (When people claim to see stuff like this, I always thought they were phony). But really, it's stuck in my mind the picture of her, so I'm able to give the rest of what happened then her details.

I saw her standing there, and her lips were moving, like she was talking but no noise. Her face was blank too which I mean, she didn't show facial expressions.

She walked towards me really fast. So it's from the doorway of my parents room and walks across the hallway to my room. She continues to come towards me, and what's really weird is while her lips were moving, she kept direct contact with my eyes.

So what do kids do when they feel like they can't scream and have to act? They throw themselves under the covers. Which I did when she was less than 3 feet I would say from my bunkbed.

So the details:

All of her appearance was white.

Old dress style, like a beautiful white dress.

her shoes were white too, like a slip on.

Her hair was short.

And when she walked fast, it's like she was powerwalking. Her arms were at her side though.

Lets fast forward until 2013: (I skipped some minor occurrences)

It was 3 days before I left for college. I was in my dads office downstairs in my dads chair. I was writing a poem. And so the entrance was like my moms doorway, double door. It was a door that has 6 glass panels on it, and so did the other door.

I happened to look up, and see a white cloth of a dress, more visible than the 2002 occurrence, in the bottom right hand corner, through the glass panel. It was about a foot off the ground. And it wasn't scary to me, I still remember the details on it too, which I wouldn't know how to put it into words. It basically had a design on it.

So, this is different than anything I've encountered, what is this? I was able to see in detail, a full body figure coming at me.

I have no proof to give to show it, only my testimony. It all happened without expecting it.

I guess I'll also ask, what are your thoughts?

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Could have even a very elaborate dream that was etched into your memory. You could have also imagined the cloth in 2013 as it sounds like it may have been a stressful time for you.

As far as the supernatural aspect goes: could have been a ghost bound to the house or even a guardian to watch over you as you weren't scared when you saw the cloth. Maybe it was our guardian saying goodbye as you were heading to college soon.

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Dark Howl

There's nothing "weird" about "fake fish tanks".

I love aquarium night lights, acting also as mood lights.

Not sure exactly what it was you saw when you were little. She could've been a spirit or anything. As a kid, I lived in my family house opposite where my best friend used to live. When we were 11 years old, she told me that she'd seen a "lady in white" in her bedroom.

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When you were young and in bed, it was probably a dream and/or misinterpreted memory. You can never trust anything you see when you are near sleep.

And when you were older just seeing a swatch of white dress could have been literally anything.

Guess I was one of the ones you considered a first responder. At least I'm not cruel.

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Patient Zero

At least I'm not cruel.


Note to staff, we need more like this one.

Fire up the cloning machine.

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Interesting "story". As for a "lady in white", seems there are a lot of comments from England, about various legends, observations, etc. of "ladies in white". In fact, there are several types of "ladies" not just in "white" but in brown, blue, green, pink, or red. I refer to cited material in "The International Directory of Haunted Places", pp.3-4.

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She was the subject of my very own ghost sighting when I was about 4, had no face, white flaring dress down to shoes (dont recall there colour) but she wore a tall pointed purple hat with no brim, all medievil like....glided away from me and faded out long after she went through the wall!

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