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Ben Masada

Behold, it Was Leah!... or John?

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Behold it Was Leah!... or John?

Because of the pagan superstition of Laban, the younger of two daughters could not marry ahead of the older. Laban had to cheat on Jacob who had to pay very dear the price for the wine he had drunk that evening: Another seven years for Rachel who had been replaced by Leah.

Now, because of the Christian superstition that Jesus could not have cheated on the Church by marrying Mary Magdalene, John was made to stand right before the cross at the moment Jesus would pronounce the words: "Woman, behold thy son!" and to his beloved disciple he said, "Behold thy mother!" The Church succeeded because all Christians today agree that Jesus did miss the first commandment to get married and to become with his wife one flesh. (Gen. 2:24)

Now, see the irony: John himself, according to John 19:25,26 reports that "Near the cross of Jesus, there stood his mother, his mother's sister, Mary the wife of Cleophas and Mary Magdalene. No mention of John in the picture. Seeing his mother there with the disciple whom he loved who obviously was Mary Magdalene at each other's hands, Jesus said, "Woman behold thy son! In other words, look at the condition your son has turned into! I am sorry for having caused you this grief. In turn, he said to the disciple whom he loved: "Behold thy mother!" Technically, Jesus' mother was indeed Magdalene's mother-in-law. (John 19:25,26)

Please, bear with me for just another evidence: If you read the next verse (v.27) after these words of Jesus on the cross, the disciple whom he loved took Jesus' mother into her care. Her care, mind you and not John's for two reasons: First, he was not there before the cross because all the disciples, including John had run away when Jesus had been arrested. (Mark 14:50) and second, John could not have taken care of Jesus' mother because he did not have a house of his own as he lived with Peter.

Besides, from the point of Jewish decorum, Jesus could have never assigned a male disciple to take care of his mother. And last but not least, according to Roman policy, no disciple of a crucified could approach the area of crucifixion, except for women closely related family.

Bottom line: Jacob was cheated into believing that Leah was Rachel and Christians throughout History have been cheated into believing that Jesus' beloved disciple was John and not Mary Magdalene. And on that policy of Replacement has the NT been built.

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