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This emptiness

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This emptiness

Ignorance has infinite depth,

though those of us who are just that,

(I know I have my share of this emptiness)

are only windy barrels with no real substance

just screaming on soap boxes, or in bars,

and of the nothingness of their inner lives

……don’t know it after all.

Bigots have 20/20 vision

screaming their ‘truth’

till blood comes out of their eyes,

ears and other orifices,


it is blood from their souls after all,

bleeding out in public for all to see,

huge puddles as they spread their bile

their throats raw from hatreds weeds.

Whom do they speak for (?),

…..are they just …..well me,

disassociated from my own

inner….what… empty-barrel-ness,

irrational fears in my face on this street,

seeing a soul bleed out before me,

……yet is it my soul as well.

Is Christ Jesus compassionate,

loving and a savior,

or is he like Christians who sound

just like the bigots above,

using scriptures rhyme

to make reason for their swill.

Why did Jesus weep,

was it just for


Or from the reality that the Christian heart

……has less love than the rest?

How hell is populated by those who disagree

….even other Christians will burn for their effrontery,

whose Holy Spirit guidance is not the same as theirs

…….really, perhaps all Christians go to hell

and those they condemn will visit them and bring

out of compassion ice water, watermelon,

and perhaps a kind word

….will be wasted (this undeserved kindness) until they laugh at themselves,

or I laugh at myself….for am I not a Christian as well?

Shhhhhh……don’t tell the fundamentalist, the non-papist

(will only some, for many are in fact kind, gentle loving souls,

they are just very quiet)

…….for I follow the anti-Christ you know

….well according to them.

Yes ignorance has infinite depth,

though in fact it is not infinite,

and has no depth.

It is the backwater a wading pool,

though you can drown in it,

one scripture quote at a time.

Or choose others on different trajectories

they have their writers as well,

their quotes,

fanaticism is everywhere,

the seeds of fear or in us all,

so buyer beware and learn,

we could all be bigots in the making,

hiding in our closets

waiting to come screaming out,

souls bleeding

and spitting bile

in public places,

dying for all to see.

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