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Fiat (The feast of the Annunciation 2014)

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(The feast of the Annunciation 2014)

Our “yes’ can mean more than one thing

Maturity and understanding deepens responses,

allowing each ‘yes’ to answer from a

place deeper and freer than the one before.

The human heart is often wounded,

divided, at war with itself,


Even weak rejoinders

from a soul seeking

can lead to deeper freedom

and healing.

For grace and infinite love

see our deepest desire

underneath our struggles

and failures,

so healing comes amidst falls,

humility allows us to arise,

perhaps many times

as in modesty we grow.

For within our Fiat (yes),

is the seed of trust,

our hoping-against-hope

that God’s freely given grace,

will prevail.

Mary’s yes to the angel was total, complete,

from a heart un fettered by inner conflict,

or narcissistic self-concern.

Even so,

this echo reverberating in her soul

would resound this ‘Yes” at ever

deeper and more profound levels

as the mystery of her life and calling

is lived out from day to day,

from small and large events in her life,

each responded to with freedom and love.

So we as well respond in our own ways,

to the small and large happenings in our lives,

allowing our hearts to slowly heal,

as our trust and love deepen.

Until the day our ‘Fiat” complete,

our heats healed and souls aflame.

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