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Donna Ann Lass- Cold case

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Donna Ann Lass: Endangered Missing

Missing since: September 6 1970 , from South Lake Tahoe California

DOB: November 3 , 1944

Age: 25 Years Old

Height and Weight: 5'4 , 135 pounds

Distinguishing Characteristics: Blonde hair , Blue eyes.

Lass was last seen in South Lake Tahoe , California on September 6 , 1970. She worked as a registered nurse at the first aid station at the "Sahara Hotel-Casino" where she was supposed to work from 6.00pm to 2.00 am, She logged out of the casino at 1.50 am. Nobody heard of her again. Lass's car was found parked near her apartment in Stateline , Nevada but nobody saw her leave the casino.

The day after Lass's disappearence , an unidentified male called her place of employment and her landlord to say she would be absent due to a family emergency. This call turned out to be a hoax , The caller has never been identified. Lass's belongings were left behind at her home except her purse and the clothing she was wearing when she vanished.

A postcard purportedly from the serial killer nicknamed The Zodiac implied he had killed Lass. The Zodiac sent many writen messages to newspapers and police claiming responsability in many crimes and murders but Lass's abduction does not fit his profile and it was later found to be forged by a police investigator. The Zodiac was never identified.

On December 27th 1974, a Christmas card was sent to Mary Pilker, Donna Lass's sister, portraying trees covered in snow, with the central tree predominant in the picture and once opened it revealed a message that was part of the card itself "Holiday Greetings and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year", followed by the added handwriting, in a distinctly different writing style to any previous Zodiac correspondence, "Best Wishes, St Donna & Guardian of the Pines"

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Sounds line a zodiac copycat perhaps? Definitely seems to be hinting towards where the body is at. The killer is probably a local. He/she seems attached to the victim enough to taunt family so I do not believe they committed many murders. The burial location is probably near pines and I reckon the killer visits it as often as they can. I would definitely day victim is deceased as he refers to her as "St" in the post card. I would place a safe bet that the killer new her personally and was maybe a tenant in her apartment or a local to the casino.

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