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Stealth tank can look like car / be invisible

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The stealth tank that can disguise itself to look like a car and appear to disappear at the touch of a button

Tank covered is mesh of thermal tiles that can disguise how it looks

Allows tank to avoid infrared missiles - and fool soldiers looking for thermal images

A Polish firm has revealed a 'stealth tank' that can fool enemy forces by changing its shape on infrared images using smart tiles.

The PL0-01 prototype tank is a three person, 35 tonne tank.

Covered in a mesh of specially developed tiles, it can make itself look like a car of any other object - simply by changing the temperature of the tiles.


Well the future's bright

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Seems like a natural progression of tech... Where they would really get an advantage would be if they could adapt this to cover their logisitics vehicles and personnel...

With modern weapons I would be more worried about ultra-stealthy infantry, than I would about stealth armor...

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"Is that a column of tanks heading our way across the desert?"

"Nah, look's like a bunch of Accords, maybe some Hatchbacks in there. Nothing to worry about."

Still, I give it five minutes before someone at the controls figures out how to program the thermal image of an upraised middle finger.

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