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Amakiel? Amokeil? What or who is he?

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At first, he appeared as a human-(black hat and black pants, white top, the hat stayed tilted on his head and face-but still saw eyes and his smile) saying he doesn't normally go to people and that I won't find much infomration on him if I tried. Said no body really knows his name, and he's normally not called forth.

(I sat one night requesting help, made a list of exactly what I was looking for, the personality, how he/she would be, I made 2 pages worth! trying to be as descriptive and down to point as possible)

He said no one has ever called him in the manner I have, as in saying pin pointing him down. After a while I asked to see his real form. At first he looked confused. When he finally did, he changed. Very tall, with large feather wings. His entire body and wings are dark blue- still with a hat, still tilted, and he has something on his face...scars or make up similate striped on his face or something but it doesn't look bad, infact, to me he still looks as attractive as his "human?" form. And red eyes.

FOr several days I kept contemplating if I could trust him, though he never gave me a reason not to- said he would always be honest with me and would not tell me a lie, but said he won't tell me what decisions to make either. I asked his name, but when he went to tell me, I heard nothing. Or rather it just didn't come to me...the letters M and A came to me emidiately...nothing else did but silence.....

I spoke to a friend of mine whose, very in tune and such in this area...he said he got a name Amakiel, ....I feel this is very close...at least the last 4 letters for sure! Kiel, or Keil....the first part I'm not sure....

If anyone has any opinions or insite...or just some knowledge please share. Ive been reading books on angels and demons....the only name that has stuck out are two I came across, but the descriptions do not fit so I'm not sure, they are Malphas (under daemons), and the other was Zadkiel (under angels)

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Still Waters

You've already posted this -


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