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LADEE Update: Citius, propius, occupatus

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LADEE Project Scientist Update: Citius, propius, occupatus

Not exactly the Olympic motto, but appropriate! On March 1, 2014, NASA's Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) successfully completed its full 100-day science mission. But LADEE has not been resting on its laurels! LADEE’s flight has been faster, lower and busier than ever. The science instruments have continued to acquire data for another bonus lunation – or a complete lunar day that lasts 29.5 Earth days – during the mission extension. It turns out that this extra time is important to understanding the sources and drivers of the tenuous lunar atmosphere, because conditions are never exactly the same from month to month. Plus, the more we learn about the moon, its dust and exosphere, the more skilled we become in planning precise instrument measurements at just the right times. We've also increased the duty cycle of our instrument operations and are burning more science hours per orbit than ever before.

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