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QR codes on gravestones...

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First of all for any who dont know, qr codes are these


Basically they can store info and be scanned by smartphones, so...this guy has chosen to put one a gravestone!!

Joe Davies said he hit upon the idea for the barcode through his IT job using QR codes in public parks to tell people more about the plants and trees.

"It struck me how easy it would be to use it to tell people about what an incredible life my father had," he said.

Scanning the code takes visitors to a webpage which tells how Charles James Davies was born in 1921 near Pontypridd and was one of seven children.

"He was a very interesting character and went through a heck of a lot during the war”

As well as information about his time being hunted by German U boats during World War Two, there are also reminiscences from his friends and even clips of family tributes and audio of hymns and prayers from his funeral.

Is this a way to go? No pun intended :lol:

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