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End Bush 'Denial' Blair Tells EU

Guest Lottie

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Tony Blair is urging European leaders to wake up from their "state of denial" over President Bush's re-election.

"America has spoken. The rest of the world should listen," the prime minister said in an interview with The Times newspaper, published on Friday.

Mr Blair is at a summit in Brussels, where Iraq and European justice and immigration plans are on the agenda.

French President Jacques Chirac reacted to his warning by saying Europe instead needed to reinforce its own unity.

Mr Blair has probably been closer to President Bush than any other European leader.

The fact is that President Bush is there for four years. He is there because the American people have chosen him

Prime minister Tony Blair

He said some people were in "a sort of state of denial" about the US election result but predicted a more "receptive mood" would emerge soon.

America needed to listen to the world too, he said.

"The fact is that President Bush is there for four years. He is there because the American people have chosen him," he argued.

He also made clear he intended to take seriously what he perceives as his role in bringing the two continents together.

'UK is uniquely placed'

Britain was "uniquely placed" to make out the common ground because of its strong alliance with the US, he suggested.

He admitted he had gone to bed at 2230GMT, well before the American polls closed, thinking Mr Kerry might have won.

He woke up at 0530GMT to discover Mr Bush had won but declined to say if he was pleased with the eventual result.

His words about President Bush met a cool reception from Jacques Chirac.

The French president told reporters: "Europe today has more than ever the need, the necessity, to reinforce itself and its dynamism and unity.

"That is the goal of the constitution in a world that is more multi-polar than ever."

'No snub'

Mr Chirac will miss an address to the summit from Iraqi interim leader Iyad Allawi, who this week criticised nations which took a "spectator" role to Iraq's reconstruction.

Mr Chirac denied there was any snub - he is going to a memorial service for the United Arab Emirates' late leader and says he would be happy to meet Mr Allawi.

He also signed a communiqué stressing the EU's commitment to securing a stable and unified Iraq. The EU also confirmed a new $21m aid package.

The communiqué congratulated President Bush on his victory and stressed the importance of good transatlantic relations.

The summit is also expected to agree changes to streamline European asylum and immigration decisions.

Mr Blair recently said the UK would only participate in EU-wide measures where it was in UK interests but the Tories say he is surrendering a key veto.

The meeting will also assess progress on the economic reform plans agreed in Lisbon in 2000 to make Europe more competitive.


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Blair's Call To Accept Bush Scorned By Chirac

Well, I remember the headlines a few years ago...After the slaughter in former Yugoslavia...

A photograph of Tony Blair appeared on the front pages of newspapers (hands raised)

"I WANT TO SAVE THE WORLD" he is quoted as saying...He can't save himself, not even his face in Europe...the World ?

Jacques Chirac, the French president, yesterday threatened to reopen transatlantic rifts between the EU and the US over the war in Iraq by ignoring Tony Blair's plea for Europeans to "face up to the reality" of George Bush's resounding re-election as American president.




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This brings up an important point. Will the world, en mass, turn its back on the United States? Will the world leaders come to the aid of those in the war-ridden middle east and help turn on the electricity, water and sewage so all of our friends and family members can come home. Will the powers that be in other parts of the world hinder the united forces from giving the people of Iraq clean water to drink, gas for their homes and petrol for their cars? Forget democracy for a minute, the basic rights of humans to chose the government that rules them. Think instead of the day-to-day needs these people have. The united forces need to turn the stuff on, get it working properly and leave! The citizens of Iraq want the same thing. No more fighting...just get it working and go home!

I could tell you how hard this election year was for me because of the problems I had with some of Mr. Bush's policies. How the blood that was shed on foreign soil was unforgivable...It would produce cheers, of hatred for the US and of its citizens. The hatred for people that go to work every day, raise their children the best they can and pray for our brothers and sisters attempting to defend the world from tyranny.

For we are the force of evil because all war is evil. The United States got involved in another war where a vocal minority stood up and cried out "murderous villains!" towards the troops at war. "This war is not our problem!" the people said. In the wake of that cry, millions lie dead. Not just the men in their respective uniforms who died in combat but, six million innocent people. I think you know what war I am talking about.

I could also tell you that it is up the rest of the free world whether or not you want the people to suffer more. Lets get the water, gas and sewage working for them so we can leave them to their own choices. Whatever government they want is fine as long as we can finnish the job the united forces began.

As for my friends in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait; if you are reading this ,I miss you and I love you and hope you you will come home soon.

Edited by girty1600
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