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Piping for peace ?

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In a remarkable Volte-face, the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has made a speech that no only acknowledges the Holocaust (he had previously denied it even existed), but also calling it "the most heinous crime in modern history.".

Does this truly represent a change of heart/stance, or is it just more Taqiyya (Islamic strategic deception) ?

Benjamin "Grumpy" Yetanyahoooo responded somewhat dourly by stating "Israel will not negotiate with a government backed by Hamas", whereas HAMAS responded with the somewhat gnomic statement: "the group will not give any cover for any negotiations with the enemy".

So, not entirely marching in lockstep then. Still, an interesting development.


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and then

All things considered I am somewhat amazed - but give credit where it's due. Hard to unsay such a thing so we'll see.

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Abbas' Fatah faction is the moderate of the two Palestinian factions. But given the ideological differences between Fatah and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, I wouldn't be surprised if any agreement that is reached only applies to the West Bank.

Oh, and good luck trying to get them settlers out.

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