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Is humanity really ready for alien contact ?

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Oh boy. A discussion of how humanity would handle the news of aliens contact is now infected with Star Trek.

All down hill from here.

I think scifi has more to say than we do if we pay attention. Their main job is to entertain but their audience is such that they can't get away with just entertaining as is with most media.

that's a good point. I think scifi authors and producers have a lot to say about philosophy, science and how the hardware might develop. Even if they have to devise fictitious science to make the storyline move along, they do raise issues that are worth thinking about, and some (like Arthur Cl. Clarke and Douglas Adams) came up with the technology that we take for granted now, even if it wasn't technically feasible at the time,.

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"A new study suggests that the human race may not be prepared for communication with extraterrestrials."

Given some of the posts we all see on these forums, there is a large portion of the human race who are DEFINITELY not ready lol

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How does one prepare for something we don't know will happen and if it does happen we have no idea what it will be?

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I think given the blanket usage of Aliens in everything from video games to movies, novels to action figures, we are surrounded by alien life as a story telling tool. In the same way that we look towards the Fantastic Four or Batman as two examples of other 'characters' created for that purpose. That is what has become of the alien question I fear, it has been seized upon as a great story telling tool, therefore making it difficult for anyone not involved in the study of the subject on a serious level to possible accept that this could be real, as our society views them the same as Batman or other fictional characters, a construct of fiction.

After all if we see a guy on TV who claims to be a super hero, we all automatically smile and assume he has psychological issues or has too much time on his hands, we never seriously consider that he could actually be a super hero, (and no i do not either lol). The same as we get the people who appear periodically who flicker their eyes and claim they are communing with Aliens in a far off galaxy. I think therefore that anyone having to accept that what is viewed as another fictional construct as potentially being a reality....that would be too difficult now I fear, and they would have to (apologies for the cliche here) land on the White House lawn and have a press conference with the President for us to even begin to accept it.

Apologies if that seems cynical but I can't see it being any other way really. Of course this is only my opinion, I am not a sociologist and not really qualified to comment on the human mind but I just see it that way. I am sure there are far more educated people who frequent these forums who may have a more educated view, but just wanted to give my thoughts.

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Yea it's gonna be anticlimactic when the aliens turn out to be talking gobs of mud.

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