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Trying to learn astral projection

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Hi guys. Basically, I want to learn to astral project so that I can see the world from a different perspective.

Thing is, what I've tried so far has, while seemed kinda odd, hasn't worked.

I tried listening to binaural beats while I relaxed and focused on individual parts of my body, but what happened was that my hands started feeling very cold, shook slightly and then slowly drifted upward to touch my face in a stilted motion.

Any advice to help me further? And any idea why my hands did that?

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bLu3 de 3n3rgy

but what happened was that my hands started feeling very cold, shook slightly and then slowly drifted upward to touch my face in a stilted motion.

Any advice to help me further? And any idea why my hands did that?

Are your physical hands moving up, or energy hands ? Either way i think this is what is attempting to happen. With putting astral projection aside for a moment lets talk about the energy body from an energy workers point of view......you are feeling energy in your hands and your hands are trying to activate. Most people feel either cold or warmth as energy flows to the hands. Cold cool energies are more ying water related, has nothing to do with being better or worse. warm energies are more yang related, expansive and fiery. Each hand can be one of each, left side receiving side, magnetic, ying. Right side, sending side, yang. Left side of the body pulls energy up, legs, feet, hands, arms all pull energy in. Right side grounds, sends, transmits, anchors energy outwards. The spirals of flow correlate to each side also, going left = clockwise spiral, Going right = anti clockwise spiral. One opens, one closes. These are the basics of energy manipulation and healing techniques.

Probably a natural born healer there ;) Just like in what connects all our bodies together ( astral, spiritual, etheric, bio ), we have energy centres that open in the palms of our hands and at various junctions throughout the arm and shoulder that need to "turn on and clear" to allow the energy body to activate. Arms and hands are pivotal! when they activate, they do so when the throat and heart energy centres are aligned, connected and open. Just something i take as one of my biggest cues. Why is the throat important for astral projection ? because the throat is your communication centre not only in 3d but in every dimension and is your astral centre. Once you have the combo of your throat, hands and heart on, you are pretty much activated for those levels of consciousness - each energy centre = consciousness and awareness level. There are probably better words to put this in :) and i know this is a lot of condensed info going into this post, but for a lack of that connection (at least for me) means my perceptions and what i want to do beyond 3d, like (astral project) is really stunted / switched off. Once you have a couple of experiences under your belt you soon realise that your perceptions and awareness are no longer just 3d oriented, but 4d or even 5d as well. This realisation will set off a lot of new ways to think about things :) .... as far as the3 lingo goes, when we are connected to perceiving any level beyond "3d" we are "astral projected".

If say you were to view yourself (look at your hands through your 3rd eye sight / astral eyes) while this was going on, you might have seen your energy body over laying your 3d body and from there you could have said to have had an astral experience with perceiving astrically. Your third eye is connected to 4d and up, so learning to use your third eye is part of all this too. Getting into the mode of perceiving from this point of view is what you need to train yourself to do if you want to perceive your astral/energy body and the astral level. The best way to train your third eye is through daily and reg meditation sessions with focus and intention of third eye activation. So this brings meditation into it the mix, because meditation is also the alternative way to alter your consciousness for astral experiencing, projection and travel.

Using sleep time -

The majority of people find it easier to fully "shift" or "phase" from a pre sleep state or post sleep state. That is why astral projection is commonly seen as a thing to do around sleep. It is infact not inclusively all to do with sleep time, however most shift to the astral level when they sleep very naturally, it's just they don't have the awareness level to know or comprehend it all the time. That's where the training comes in. Again it is the 'awareness level' and 'perception level' of staying in a higher level of consciousness that we astral travellers train to hone and keep sharp, and the thread Prof T linked to is the best starting point.

The Astral FAQS thread.

It's a FAQS thread designed to collect techniques, methods, and tips from a wide variety of backgrounds and personal experiences. Anybody, from any stage, beginner to advanced, is invited to share any techniques, experiences, or ask any questions. When a question is put forward, its an open floor for answering. What we do differently in this thread from other threads, is no debating or no competing over who has the best advice, highest authority, methods or, worse methods or advice. The thread is simply there to be used as a sharing hub and library. If something doesn't sound right to you or clashes because of your beliefs, personal beliefs, upbringing, background, then don't feel obliged to try anything that upsets you or makes you feel uncomfortable. But what we do ask is not to complain or nit pick at other peoples techniques because they didn't work for you or you disagree with it. If a debate must be had, the appropriate thing to do is to start a new thread for it in the forum. What we all agree on and try to promote in the thread is a culture of there is "no right or wrong" as far as what techniques can work for a person. This topic is massively about learning about "yourself" and recognising that each person is on their own path. What works for some, may not work for others and so on. It would be impossible to have a thread like this operating if we didn't keep to these guidelines and keep the debates on differing personal beliefs out of it. The good thing is you get to see a wide variety of material in one place.

The basis of the training methods you may pick up, is all about modifying what is already out there and then creating or adapting your own technique, because "creating" is the key to "intention" and intention is the key to making do what ever happens.

Edited by bLu3 de 3n3rgy

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It was my physical hands that reached up and stroked ny face...I've yet to experience any astral projection haha :-) must continue practicing

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