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Polybius Revisited

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OK. So you know that Polybius game that brainwashed people and made them wierd and kill themselves. Well i am going to debunk it. Polybius was actually a Tempest Prototype called Polonius. Why? Polonius is a Shakespeare character and Tempest is a novel by Shakespeare. The Men In Black were actually officers who curbed illegal gambling in arcades. The side effects also came from the Prototype. Where the claw that went around the ring actually had a camera attached to it. But it made people motion sick and had epilepsy so they had to change it. Bear in mind the prototype is older than the ''Vortex'' Prototype. Also it stems from the fact that Battlezone was almost going to be made into a US Army Tank Simulator. And the film The Last Starfighter. The reason why it was called Polybius was because the person who wrote the legend thought it was Polybius and not Polonius. The Legend started in 1999 and by 2002 was really spread across the world.

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