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Giant Squids: they're out there!


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Edward Crabtree: The seamen wait with anxiety for news of their colleagues who have plumbed the depths in a bathysphere. They begin to haul the probe back up. They feel alarmed to see that all that is left of the vessel are chewed up cables and hissing oxygen feeds... The success of Jaws had been a boon for all twelve year old boys, for who amongst us did not love a monster movie? This one was Tentacles (1977) and the star of the film was a monster squid on a killing spree. Of course, I knew even then that this was make-believe, just as much as the eight armed behemoth which ensnares the Nautilus in `Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea` was.

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That was an interesting read. Thank you :)

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Ha ha! Good call. I saw this discussion and it immediately made me think of Jules Verne.

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Since I have a phobia of the ocean, except for some fish and seafood which come out of it and prepared on dry land, the idea of a gigantic squid sends large shivers down my spine!

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Awesome article, thanks for the link. It really does amaze me how much we have left to discover on our very own planet let alone the universe. :tu:

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