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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Today marks the launch of a new addition to the main Unexplained Mysteries site - the Stories & Experiences section.

Here we will be building up a wide selection of first-hand accounts of encounters with the unexplained including UFO sightings, paranormal activity, psychic phenomena and more, direct from the people who experienced them.

We are accepting submissions from site visitors for this section so if you have ever had a brush with the mysterious and would like to have your story published on the site then we would love to hear from you.

The submission page for stories can be found - here.

Thank you !

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Isn't this kind of the same as the stories and experiences section?

That's part of the forum, this is a section of published stories on the main site.

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I still do not understand the differences in the 2 sites. people are telling their stories all the time on here. When you say published, do you mean already in a book or on here for the first time? Again, we have all that already.

Ah I see now!

Good, can you explain it to me?

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This is the forum section for the main web site. The main site is doing featured articles of certain stories. Click the link below and look on the upper right hand side.


The ones they have up so far have been added to the Stories and Experiences section of the Ghost, Hauntings and Paranormal section of the forum.

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  • 3 months later...

Stories & Experiences , quite a Heartfelt Topic Name ! THis being my 17,000 post It will reflect a 6 year long addiction to a very clever ,and well run I may add Forum. The Main players are some times in the shadows lurking and reading when they can I know ,for there is response and action from time to time. I have in any case Enjoyed every min in here ! So without futher Frack-n-Nod !

One enters a place, country,building,new environment ,Forum even with some apprehension. And Over Six years ago I was one of the many that stumbled into this wonderful Forum !

At the very Fist posting I was welcomed into the circle of main members. I couldnt hardly believe it ,THe warm open form,topics seeming unlimited was a freash concept compared to other Forum`s Ive looked into.

THe many Friends and tactical battles that have gone on are truly something all others !

In 2008 We started a Thread U/M Party in the UFO section . Here and many other places scattered thru-out the Forum IS where I met MID. Most likely U/M`s Greatest asset ! I could spend three months ,and 500 pages of Text describing Mid`s vast wealth of knowledge. We All grew in so many ways just in conversing with this Great Man !.

We Lost Mid just a little over a year ago, plus a few dozen months of Shock that Still haunt me. He was a mentor of all things logical& Science. But What a since of Humor he had !

But on the other hand could not stand for the ignorance of the non-informed when it came to anything NASA ! I to this day Look up every night theres a Full moon 1/4/ 3/4, moon and Give Good Old Mid a Big wink !

We all are far brighter with his information he passed upon to us.

As for the fun and games I represent in my on going release of the day to day grind I call a Work place, Its what keeps me thinking about New Friends I meet,and Story`s we pass on between the thousands of members.

Many have come and gone,many stay in curiosity or the belief that they too can be swayed to think one way or the other,there gonna getz-ya. Getz-ya,Getzya !

See ther I go again,with my 1980`s song reff`s. Anywho ! And one of the Other things so great about this Place is the acceptance of all the New members,and the harshness we are all guilty of pressuring upon our strange trains of thought on !

I do really want to Thank "Waspie" And" Saru" for the Steadfast attention to the Details ! Cheer`s to these tow Greats of the Site !

As for All my close Friends in here You know who you are, ANd Know what you did ! We all Will someday Have that Fantastic Texas B.B.Q. and Sky Gazing party in West Texas! Maybe even Be together to See Sir Richards Fist Real Tourist Launch out in New Mexico ! Keep in touch for dates,and party details !

THis is a very short List of all the Great people that have made this Place Great !

:nw:1. Mid our Hero ! 2.psyche101 ,great friend soon to be transplanted Texan.3.Skyeagle409,good friend He does know a bit about aviation. 4. badeskov`s A real sleeper ,but a wonderful friend I cant wait to get psyche101 together in TExas. 5.Waspie Dwarf hard core guy ! 6. Hazzard always good for an disscussion. 7. Lilly a real sweetie indeed. 8. Sweetpumper Well Its Sweetpumper !LoL. 9. A NEwbe Jim Oberg our new back up Mid ! Great guy also ! 10. CZero101 one of the orig Guys ! 11. Karl12 Nice guy ! 12. Kuudge808 Aloha man ! 13. Dbunker

Now for some that are off the radar, but not forgotten ! These names many of you will only barely remember !

Amaterasu Angent`s Scully & Muldner Ambelamba Archernyc Orenee Astra00 Bee We all Love Bee right? Beckys Mom ! BMK Bud Rasputin Bunny Girl Captin Zim. Cassandra 5655

Coffey Devil Cat Girl Die Checker Glorybebe such a sweetie ! Innerspace another lovely woman we had early on. Lava Lady. Paxus a great one too ! Lost Shaman mcrom 901

And Pericynthion A Classic Great ! A sweet woman I miss a lot, reine de Foudres. She - Ra . sinewave. stevewin A proper Limey ! susieice ! My left hand girl on our Moon missions.

And Silver thong @ A great one too . THe Skeptic Eric Raven a fellow Texas . THe Final Frontier ! Good Head on this guy ! third eye . toast a good one too . ANd me lady down under such a sultry young lass XCrimsonx almost fell in love again ! and a real Strong woman I met even before this place in another forum she has, Isis999 miss talking to you Girlfriend ! :tu:

Thank you for it all Saru ! You Rock the Third Rock ! :tu:

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  • 5 months later...

Do Faeries count? About ten years ago I read a book in which the author declared that Faeries really do exist. I'd never heard that before and wondered about it, so one evening I walked outside (lived in a hunting cabin in the woods then) and spoke out loud, saying something to the effect of "If Faeries are real, please show me. Please bring my cat home within the next 15 minutes. She's been missing all day and now it's night. ". I went inside and returned outside holding my wind-up alarm clock and said out loud something like "Here is my clock and this is the time. If she is back within 15 minutes, then I'll know you really do exist". I stood there and waited, listening to the night sounds, holding my alarm clock. When the time got close (had about 2 to 3 minutes left to go), I heard something racing through the leaves, running hard...and coming my way!. My cat came streaking down the hill, heading for the cabin as if something was chasing her. She was running for all she was worth and couldn't get inside fast enough. I was grateful to the Faeries that they had decided to give me proof of their existence and I've never doubted it, since.

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