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Still Waters

Smart guns: How smart are they?

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Still Waters

The so called "smart gun" has recently been causing tension in both the EU and US firearms industries.

Most of these technologically enhanced guns are less about creating efficient killing machines and more about improving firearms safety.

However, some gun rights activists in the US believe smart guns are a threat to their right to keep and bear arms.


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and then

Once the technical reliability of the weapons system has been established I might consider one. The problem as I see it is that ANY movement toward technology that can control even the use of a firearm has to be carefully monitored because government always moves from lesser to greater control. It's the nature of the beast. GUARANTEE you that after these things become a significant part of the firearm sales someone who loses a loved one to an accidental discharge will sue because the owner COULD have had a safer weapon. See how that works? It is a form of gun control, plain and simple. Once these weapons become a great % of the arsenal of civilians then the govt can simply insist they be made uniform in some way that the government can use to disable those it deems a threat.

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Quote from the article:

A shop owner in the US has received death threats from pro-gun lobbyists for offering to sell the weapons.

What tripe. Does the tool that wrote the article know what a lobbyist is?

Well anyway, my opinion on the guns is that they are misnamed. They should be called stupid guns. Why would you want to own a gun that someone else could deactivate via radio or satellite? And what if, on the off chance you need to use it unexpectedly to defend yourself? Do you really want to have to worry about strapping a watch on?

These things will never be profitable, the only people that think they're a great idea are the people who are afraid of guns and wouldn't own one anyway. :gun:

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