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Solo Kind

Unexplained horrific car crash victim walks

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Solo Kind

Thought I'd post this one. I've never posted this before, but have been meaning to ask for many years. So here go's.

A good few years ago now (and the event happened many years before that), This was told by a Good Friend of mine's farther one night. Neither are the type to tell tales or spinn BS for the sake of it. His farther is from the old school. Direct to the point says it how it is.

So one night at the kitchen table the three of us were chatting away. My Friend says did you know he was in the Ambulance (services)?

Me: No.

Me: must have seen some interesting stuff in that yeah?

Dad: oh yeah. its one reason I had to leave it!

Friend: Tell him of that story, of the guy that walked away.

Dad: ?? which one was that?

Friend: The Hippy/surfer guy.

Dad:?? The surfer guy?

Friend: The one in the Combie.. (VW combie van)

Dad: Oh that one.

Dad: (told to me) One night we're called out to an accident scene. We turn up, Its a Combie driven into a tree head on. We expected a dead driver, or at best one in critcal condition!

The drivers alive.

Dad asked: "Are you ok? Do you think your badly indured?"

Driver: "No, Im ok"

Dad: Ok mate, It looks pretty bad. Its gonna take some time to get you out of their ok?

Dad thinks he's in shock. The drivers leg is Pinned behind the steering colum and the Front sheat metal. His leg is literally bent like a bannana. Dad thinks its broken.. It had to be. But the driver seems to not ecknolage the pain.

He offers pain relief, but the driver refuse's the need. Dad thinks its odd.. Several min latter thinks maybe he has a prosetic leg? (but back then, it would have just broke loose)

Tells the driver, that he has to wait, as he will need to be cut from the wreck.

They eventually cut him out, and lay him on the ground to check him over. They assess his leg. But the driver just sits up. (word for word) Rubs his affending leg up and down its calf. Stands up and says "Its fine" and walks off.

Now it was interesting at the time. Almost fantasy. And I never payed it a lot of attention. Untill many years later, I came across a forum (not this one but same concept) There was one member that told of a story in his work. It was under the heading 'Super Humans' (he was a retired Skin specilist)

The actual story was pretty lengthy. This is way condenced as the original was full of Medical terminoligy, conditions and reasons ect ect.

It was of a patiant once admited for a serious Burn to his arm. It would need sergery the next morning. Inspection from this specialist told The Patiant he wouldnt need sergery, with out sergery he would likely loose his arm. The patiant tried in vain that he just wanted to go home.

The next morning, the burn was looked at. The specalist thought it was odd that it didnt appere to be as bad as first thought. He mentioned this to the patiant, which he replied. I told you I'll be ok.. In a few hours it'll be fine..

In an Hour the Specalist returns to check on the patiant. To his shock, the burn was almost recovered.

He questioned the patiant. And said he was an exstrodinary case. The Patiant said, He didnt want word getting out of what had happened. The Doctor asked why?

He was told, Because, He knew what happens to people like him. And he didnt want to be a Test subject for sience.

And so he left.

I see a lot of unusual stories here. But yet to see anything like these two case's. Unless I've missed them?

Any one know more on the subject?

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The Exorcist

Interesting. I'd never heard of this sort of thing before. Worth doing some research about this on Google.

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Interesting. Iam sure this is a true story.

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Solo Kind

Two totally seperate stories. The First was told in person here in Aust.

The latter was much like this forum, U.S based.

And yes. To my knowlage I have no reason to believe otherwise. (of course personal investigation is open to anyone) :)

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