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False Memory and the Akashic Record

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Dan Green: Throughout my personal voyage riding the rollercoaster of life, contemplating many a mystery and encountering many an incident of the ‘impossible’, I have been fortunate always to have a learned Tibetan lama nearby and when all has been said and done they have always gently reminded me that ‘There is only Mind’. This is a wonderfully sagacious and yet simple sweeping statement that takes the edge off many a paranormal distraction amidst the ‘special effects’ of psychic phenomena and the paranormal, but not so the current tag ‘quantum entanglement’, as it is that ancient Buddhist wisdom that now meets comfortably with this contemporary quantum physics discovery. One could forgive the humble saffron robed lama of thousands of years ago if they were to hop aboard a time machine and visit today to mutter,‘Told you so’. (Although I doubt their muted ego would allow them to take a bow, and there would be no need to time travel as I’m sure they would also remind me,‘There is only the Now’!)

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Though I'm not one of the more attuned dream-dwellers, I've read the experiences with interest and done some homework on 4D, 4th density and other cassiopeia teachings. It does make sense to me that dreamworld would be the more real world, but I dont really know which one would be the real, they're just plain different, probably different takes of the same reality.

The one thing I like the least in my current life is the seeming absense of quiet places free of human interference. Disadvantages of living in an affordable place in a city, even though I live on the outskirts. Need to walk 7-8 miles to get to a place where you might avoid hearing cars too loudly or having some hiker or jogger stumble upon you, even though you need to walk only a mile or two to reach the forests, not even that. It's no wonder if we get disconnected from the dream world and give in to the monkey mind if you live in an environment like that, it's easy to give in then. Just lying down in a more silent hilltop and staring the blue sky and listening to the seagulls, that's really something.

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