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Do All People have Psychic Abilities?

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But even if you just think "some" people have these abilities, there still must be a scientific correlation in that case.

Of course. But until such time such a thing is confirmed, it cannot be considered scientific.

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I guess it all comes down to the definition of physic. I think typically it just means of the mind. I'm actually working on a site right now that PROVES we all have them, and why they don't work for 99.999999999% of us. It's documented fact that the bible tells us we had certain abilitys, up until the point they were disabled. The good news is it's only switched off in our DNA. The bad news is I'm not sure our friends at NIH will ever figure out what I'm sharing on my website I'm working on right now about this exact topic. We know from what scientists tell us, that poltergeist activity is coming from the person. We used to have an ability in the bible called preceive. Wiki would call it the third eye. Debunked. However if you look up remote viewing, you get a different story. Wiki trys to play it out like it's pseudo science and never accurate, which doesn't explain why there is so many of them used by the government. Documentries I have watched on television made it sound like it was fairly reliable, but not perfect.

My point is you need to have the 500 billion DNA particles, in the correct order, and the specifically designed organ to synthesize that program, and the right connection with the brain to opperate it. Clearly if it works at all. All of these are present. A car will not run without gas. I think the cerrebelum which works with motor skills could also work with remote viewing. If God disabled it through our DNA, it's possible certain people have some variations in their DNA arrangement. People cant magically grow an organ specifically designed to remote view. People cant accidently reconfigure their DNA to synthesize that organ. People cant magically connect it with the rest of their brain, so that they can engage this ability. Clearly they are all in us, but disabled.

The bible is chocked full of god dumbing us down through DNA. Taking away our Telepathy in the tower of Babel. All humanoids have telepathy. It's one universal language. Then he scattered everyone around the globe, now realizing they had to speak with thier mouths, they all came up with different languages. If god had allowed us to all stay as one, we would have created one language

You http://itsthetooth can . read wix more . about com what / I'm Intervention talking about in the website I'm still working on.

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