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UFO boom - Unidentified Foreign Object


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news icon rsuspected sonic boom heard across north-east Norfolk today was not caused by a British aircraft, it was confirmed tonight. The loud bang, heard at least from Sheringham to Halvergate near Yarmouth, startled hundreds of people going about their daily business at around noon.

But a Ministry of Defence spokesman said it was not a domestic fighter that caused the incident, although he was unable to confirm the source of the sonic boom.

news icon View: Full Article | Source: EDP 24

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When I was younger; my brother, friends, and I would hear the sonic booms. My dad was in the military and we had to live in the States; although I am British national by birth.

We got use to them; but never really knew the source of the booms. They were quite regular.

Funny, I live in Norfolk and am familiar with the area where the noise was heard. In the city that I live in-we didn't hear, or feel anything.

The sonic booms wouldn't bother me too much anyway having experienced them as a child. However, to know the source does interest me, because we could never see anything and yes, it did shake foundations and makes windows rattle even then.

I just put it down to something to do with the military as we didn't live more than 30 minutes from the nearest airbase at the time.

If anybody has any ideas as to the source of the sonic booms-I am all ears.

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