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Clairvoyance or remote viewing?

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Hi, I'm new and found this forum searching online. I'm looking to talk to people and share experiences. I'm hoping there are people out there that have shared the same experiences so that I may find some clarity and understanding. Since I was young, I would often experience visions and sensations I couldn't explain. It mostly happens when I would lay down to go to sleep. Once I am relaxed and comfortable, but not sleep is when the visions start, followed by unfamiliar sensations and feelings as it seems I'm somewhere I have never been before. The landscape and people are always different in the visions. Sometimes the feelings that accompany the visions are negative and I'm frightened and I have to open my eyes and try to calm down. I don't try to make these visions happen, although I have just to see if that's possible, which I've found it is. Sometimes I just get the feelings while I am awake but no visions. I've tried meditation to try to harness whatever this is, but that hasn't worked thus far. I'm a beginner as far as meditation goes. I've done some research about this and found things that sound familiar like remote viewing and clairvoyance. Whatever it is, it's something that has stayed with me throughout my life and doesn't seem to be triggered by anything. I am at a loss to really understand this and hoping this is a place to discover more. Thanks!

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hello and welcome to UM,

Seems like you have/had a very young imaginative mind.

Laying down to go to sleep, is basically a transition, from real world to dream/fantasy world, which seems like you have the ability to channel that transition.

There are many many people with this ability... perhaps you are special.

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