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The Newton you never knew

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Brendan D. Murphy: History, as any real researcher (as opposed to “conspiracy theorist”) will be able to tell you, has been sanitized in order to present the facts, myths, and overarching worldview most convenient for the so-called powers that be. This should be a pragmatic, if not novel proposition, given that those who have power will obviously desire to retain that power. Isaac Newton’s publically known legacy largely belongs to the mythology of sanitized mainstream “Science.” Official history has sanitized his story to remove elements that were embarrassing to modern rationalists and the version of Newton and the history of science they wished to present to the world—and the modern “Newtonian materialists” (an oxymoron, in truth) have, for the most part, lapped it up without question, putting Newton on a pedestal, virtually deifying him, and with him, the mechanistic worldview his ‘politically correct’ work went so far to creating.

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