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spartan max2

Crowd funding project to build Tesla tower

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A crowd funding effort is on the way to build Nikolia Tesla's for wireless energy transmission. I wish everyone luck :tu:


I tried to find the most updated article, if anyone finds a mroe recent one feel free to post it

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Many of the Tesla inventions were a result of his research into the relationship between magnetism and electricity, similar to the research done by earlier scientists such as Michael Faraday.

As a result, Tesla invented a free energy generator, parts of which can be seen in his patent entitled Apparatus For Transmission Of Electrical Energy.

He began constructing a towered power plant in Long Island, New York and another in Colorado Springs, Colorado. His intention was to demonstrate how free electrical energy could be transmitted through the core of the planet to any destination on earth.

In an article published in Collier's Weekly, on February 9, 1901, Tesla explains how the earth is a medium for conducting wireless electricity.

He outlined a method for drawing vast amounts of electrical energy from magnetic fields and transmitting wireless electricity through the earth at a great rate of speed, over any distance, to any attuned receiver that would receive and distribute the electricity for whatever use or purpose.

teslaearthf.jpgTo the right is a sketch representing Tesla's free energy generator, where "t" = a transmitter station, "q" = electricity, "g" = earth and "r" = a receiving station.

Tesla explains that according to his experiments there was no appreciable loss of energy when transmitting energy through the earth.

In his research notes, he states that electricity "q" when transmitted from "t" will arrive at the receiving station "r" if the receiving station covers an area by half the wave.

Incomplete Tesla Inventions

Tesla never completed his work for his planetary free energy generator and wireless electricity. Inevitably, Tesla, Edison and Westinghouse, were financially controlled by the wealthiest man in the world at that time, J. Pierpont Morgan.

Morgan reorganized electricity through a process known as "morganization" infamous for controlling industries such as shipping, communication, banking and energy, thereby undermining the prospect for anything to be "free", at least during the 20th century.

To a certain extent, there was not a lot of resistance to "shutting down" Tesla for although he was generally recognized as a genius far ahead of his time, he was also a bit scary.

Tesla often spoke of creating devices capable of communicating with extraterrestrials, as well as laser weapons, and pocket sized mobile devices capable of sending and receiving text and voice messages through a world wide wireless network, among many other seemingly strange ideas.

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I guess no one but me and john thought this was cool........

Must not be much tesla fan boys around here

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