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The temporal lobe gateway

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Dan Green: The argument that temporal lobe epilepsy is the cause of hallucinations mistakenly viewed as paranormal, is not a new one having being announced and concluded a great many times over the last decade, closing the book on ghostly apparitions, UFO’s and their abductees, Near-Death and Out-of- body experiences dismissed as quirks in neurology producing mere fantasy. Those who have had any of the above experiences, in turn, prefer to look the other way on hard evidence produced by neurology and make an unnecessary enemy of science, leaving us with two factions equally dismissive of their opponent and awarding sole validity to their own point of view, and this is where all previous confrontations have ended. In this Blog I hope to show that there is room for both opinions to be correct.

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THIS looks fascinating! I hope this is as good as it is advertised here! I hate to do the skeptic blanket statements of "sleep paraylys" for people with reports of things coming into their room, whether it's shadow people or aliens, but if there IS authentic scientific research that does support this explanation, then it NEEDS to be made very well known especially to the paranormal community.

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