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Still Waters

New information on red deer lineage

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Still Waters

Genetic analysis of Neolithic deer hair from from the clothing of a mummy discovered in the Italian Alps links deer population to modern day western European lineage, rather than the eastern lineage that are present in the Italian Alps today, according to a study published on July 2nd, 2014.


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Happy to report that the red deer is in no danger of extinction, although it is threatened in certain areas.

"In Mongolia, this species is primarily targeted for its antler velvet, which is highly valued in traditional medicines, with a market value of $60-100 USD per kg of antlers. Other body parts, including male genital organs, foetuses and female tails, are also valued for traditional medicines and have similar market values (Zahler et al., 2004). The resulting illegal and unsustainable hunting has caused a 92% population decline over the past 18 years (Zahler et al. 2004)"


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