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Still Waters

The mystery behind starling flocks explained

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Still Waters

The mystery behind the movements of flocking starlings could be explained by the areas of light and dark created as they fly, new research suggests.

The research, conducted by the University of Warwick and published in the journal PNAS, found that flocking starlings aim to maintain an optimum density at which they can gather data on their surroundings. This occurs when they can see light through the flock at many angles, a state known as marginal opacity.


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As individuals starling are great. Energetic little guys with huge personalities and courage. As flocks they are a nuisance. Great to watch from a distance but the weight of thousands of them in a single tree at night breaks branches and kills trees. Also it's no fun disposing of the corpses they leave in the morning.

edit to add, some of the thing scientists are paid to investigate I just don't get.

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