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Gopher-Like Mammal Discovered in Bolivia

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Tuco-Tuco: Four New Species of Gopher-Like Mammal Discovered in Bolivia

Commonly called tuco-tucos, these rodents are members of the family Octodontidae, although they are sometimes classified in their own family – Ctenomyidae.

Their name is derived from the ‘tuc-tuc’ sound they make while they dig their burrows.

Tuco-tucos range from 15 to 25 cm long and can weigh as little as 100 grams to more than 1 kg. They have small eyes, tiny ears, and short muscular legs with strong claws on the digits.

These animals are similar to the North American pocket gopher in both appearance and ecology.

Bolivia is my new favorite place on this world.

1. they legalize child labor

2. they have mountain camels

3. Gopher-like mammalss

Now I just need to look up their cuisine to make sure it tastes good on my salty-sugar encrusted 'merican tongue.

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