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Rome's Old Days

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The Roman Empire

was born of

maddened ambition

and useless greed.

But when will we

finally learn the

lessons of our


Women were kissed

upon the mouth,

by their husbands every

night and day but

only to tell, if they

had been unfaithful

in the beds where

They lay?

The color purple was

always grand to look at

but who knew that

the favored hue

of Dionysus

was considered to

be only for Kings:

A crime punishable by a

swift (or slow) death.

But the worst thing

the most amazing

thing of all is that

the advances they

had that paled

in comparison

to our own “Empire.”

We have no such

silly thing as a King

in our home, but

who did we revere most

in the Early days

of our social experiment

that we call “America?”

Rome, of course;

Mother Rome, the

Whore of Babylon

from Old. But

who is

the whore


sitting upon

the back of the

Red mouthed Beast?

Not us,

not our government; no,

but that which we thought

would always be right,

just and true.

The Bride of Christ,

turned whore by

those in power…

who sin.

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