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Still Waters

'I can smell a rainbow'

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What colour is the letter F? What texture does a Mozart symphony have? Can you taste the rainbow? If the only thing such ideas suggest is the Skittles ad campaign, you're probably not synaesthesic. But for up to four per cent of the population, such questions make perfect sense.

Around 70 types of synaesthesia have been identified, and while some are rare, others are surprisingly common.


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Posted (edited)

i suffer (although, it's not a sufferance as such.) from synasthesia, probably due to altered brain chemistry from a life of hallucinogen abuse (i can't remember being affected before then).

it mainly manifests itself through colour, taste, & smell.

for instance- the colour purple tastes like the way joop aftershave smells, carrots should be yellow, not orange, and dogs**t should be dark green with angry metallic flashes.

what most people don't tend to report about synasthesia is how it affects your dreams.

they're very surreal, as the brain is trying to turn colours into tastes, smells into textures, and sounds into shapes.

it makes life interesting if nothing else....


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