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Still Waters

The lighter side of life in a PoW camp

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Still Waters

Lost artworks by a British soldier have revealed the lighter side of life in a notoriously grim Japanese Prisoner of War camp.

Lance bombardier Des Bettany, from Burnley, Lancashire, was trapped at Changi Prison in Singapore for three years, where he painted comrades working, bickering and singing in the bath to keep up morale.

He fashioned a paintbrush out of human hair and bamboo cane, used coloured soil mixed with rice water for paint and scraps of toilet paper were turned into a canvas.


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I wonder if he painted J. Clavell or the guy he based King Rat off of......

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Amazing how he was able to paint such great cartoons under such horrible conditions while keeping his fellow pow's morale up. I like how his son is letting the families keep the originals as well.

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