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Japanese women seeking UK mates


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Japanese women seeking UK mates

The record number of single men living in the UK could soon be fielding offers from the Orient.

A dating agency has opened its first UK office to help single Japanese women find romance in Britain.

Destina Japan says many of the women believe Japanese men do not understand their need to have a career, but feel Western men are more open-minded.

Most clients live in the UK, but some are prepared to pay thousands of pounds to travel from Japan to meet a mate.

The company says its typical client is a professional woman in her 30s, earning around £50,000 a year.

They include doctors, entrepeneurs, lawyers and financial analysts, it says.

Destina Japan says 35% of Japanese women aged in their 30s are single.

Among 30- to 34-year-olds, that figure rises to more than 40%, it said.

'Modern attitude'

They are still outnumbered by single Japanese men, but many women are rejecting the idea of a traditional marriage.

Hiroko Ozawa, founder of Destina Japan, said: "We have hundreds of female members living in Japan who want to date men in the UK," she said.

"Japanese women like the fact that British men have a modern attitude to family life and marriage as well as a deep respect for the traditional aspects of the Japanese culture."

Statistics suggest there should be plenty of potential partners in Britain.

Figures released last week showed there are 1.65 million single men aged between 30 and 39 in the UK, compared with 1.27 million women in the age group.

The study, from the University of Edinburgh, found men aged between 25 and 44 were twice as likely as women to live by themselves.

Story from BBC NEWS:


Considering Japan's the fourth best country in the world.... cool wub.gif

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I have a friend who's married to one, and he can tell some horror stories! Just to give you a taste; these ladies dont like to make love anymore once they have had a baby ( this seems to be a general rule of thumb according to my friend's investigations), they are totally and fully devoted to their child! Thats why they got these so called "love houses" over there which married men visit after work and before going home! Japanese men know something about the little habits of these ladies and thats probabely why they are keeping away from them. I would advise you nice British guys to do the same and stick to some home grown ones, or you'll also be visiting love houses before you know it; unless of course you dont plan to have a child!

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...why!... Canada is technically closer to japan. I consider my self a modern guy.

Tal you sure they aren't looking for a guy in Can.?

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I know...but little Japan doesn't exist in montreal, there's just Little Italy, "quartier" Latin, chinatown....It's technically my best odds.

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Ok I always knew they would take over the world some day LOL. Did you ever notice thet when men from any country have children with oriental women the children come out oriental. I'm not predjudice. I have friends from the phillipeans and they all have american husbands and all thier children look asian. My aunt is from japan and my cousins look asian. Who knows maybe its just the people I know. rolleyes.gif

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Did you ever notice thet when men from any country have children with oriental women the children come out oriental.

...um... yes, of course everyone knew, its basic genetics. Its the same with black, and black/white family will produce black children. Same with Arab/Black or Asian/Black. etc etc The children get skin tones genes from both parents, and the darker skin pigmantation is always dominant. It isn't always the case though, because these children can pass on either gene to their children and so if a half Asian/White person had children with a white pweson there would be a fifty-fifty chance of the children being either Asian or White. Its basic biology.

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Ok, I get the basic biology thing. thumbsup.gif

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Well this is very exciting news folks, japanese women are after british men, who would have thought it?!! Well why not?!! The people there are quite cool and one day I shall visit my fellow commonwealth nation!

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Japan is such a cool country grin2.gif .... just if we ignore the Whaling and the conservative wacko.gif

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Japanese women seem to have a very wrong view of British men- they think we're all gentlemen, the kind you read of in Agatha Christie books or Oscar Wilde plays. To be honest, Japanese women are not all that people seem to imagine. Sex is pretty boring, thats why the birth rate here is declining so fast that they say the population could be HALF of what is is now in 50 years.

It's true that they don't like sex much, thats why a large percentage of married men in Japan (western and Japanese) have affairs.

A lot of married couples have sex for money- the husband gives the wife money for a shag- they save the money and buy stuff they like or save it.

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The fantasy just died. I guess it's the case about allot of cultures and environment around the world (being influence by books i mean).

The way i see england as cloudy place, with ok shows, kinda like ontario but with more clouds and a accent. Thats mainly because of the literature, which is the only thing i can base my self on since i don't have any correspondence with some one there or been there my self.

Question of perspective really.

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