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Hospital staff to train as police


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Hospital staff to train as police

A Liverpool hospital is training its staff as special constables in an effort to combat violence on the wards.

Employees at University Hospital Aintree will patrol the site in their spare time.

The government welcomed the move after more than 84,000 violent or aggressive incidents towards health workers were recorded in the UK last year.

The Royal College of Nursing warned that the scheme could cause a possible conflict of interest among staff.

It said it would watch the project "with interest" but would be concerned if staff were dealing with patients in a medical capacity one moment and as a special constable the next.

'Abhorrent and unacceptable'

But the hospital said efforts would be made to avoid such clashes.

A hospital spokesman said: "The staff's knowledge of the hospital and the site will be an advantage in their role as specials."

The union Unison said violent incidents against health workers rose by 13% in the past year.

A Department of Health spokeswoman said: "Any violence towards staff is abhorrent and unacceptable.

"Anything that the hospital and staff do to tackle that we support wholeheartedly."

Merseyside Police started recruiting special constables earlier this year and staff will be sworn in next month.

Story from BBC NEWS:


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