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Thylacine: The Magnificent Survivor

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news icon rTasmanian tigers, also called thylacines, were declared extinct in 1986 but that has not stopped a stream of sightings and claims of evidence. A Tasmanian thylacine researcher, who calls himself the Tigerman, has just published an 80-page book on the Internet where he presents his case that the species exists.

The Tigerman, who is based in rural Tasmania, uses a pseudonym because he says revealing his identity would make his work harder.

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Mad Manfred

As far-fetched as Dodo sightings IMO.

I've lived in Tasmania and have lived in New South Wales for years now and I, and every other rationally thinking human I've met, think it's out of the question for any Tasmanian Tigers to exist.

He's probably spotted a Dingo/wild dog hybrid...people often mistake those mutts for Tasmanian Tigers.

On another note, there are scientists who have been in the process of attempting to clone a Tasmanian Tiger from a preserved baby they discovered a few years ago.

I'm usually against cloning, though, if the species has become extinct because of our lack of responsibility, then it's our duty to bring them back.

Hopefully they're successfull. Then fruitcakes like Mr Tigerman can find a real job.

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