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Asian camel crickets now common U.S.

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RALEIGH, N.C., Sept. 2 (UPI) -- The United States is home to immigrants from all across the globe. It's also home to animals from all corners of the earth. Invasive species -- whether plants, mammals, fish, birds or insects -- have taken to our homes, forests, fields, lakes, rivers, oceans and elsewhere.

One of the invaders is the Asian camel cricket, and new research shows it has become increasingly common in U.S. homes. Asian camel crickets have long legs that are colored like desert camouflage. And because they eat almost anything, including each other, they're ideal conquerers.

Researchers at North Carolina State University knew camel crickets were present in the U.S., but they wanted to know to what extent, and which species were most prevalent. To find out, they asked for the help of average Americans. Volunteers responded the cricket census by confirming the presence of camel crickets with photo evidence.

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Babe Ruth

I have read that crickets kill cockroaches, and so I always leave the random cricket in my house if I discover one. No cockroaches, or very rare anyway.

Looking to see if an camel crickets make it here.

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