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the UFO on the Rosetta Comet

some new guy

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Utmost respect should be given to the smart little probe and the team behind it. This mission is ground breaking in so many ways.

An orbital rendezvous is always a major feat, even for reaching a body as massive as a planet, and actually achieving orbit around an object as small as a comet is amazing, and I don't think we appreciate that. The gravity of a planet sized object will do much of the work for you when attempting to rendezvous with it, however a comet will have such a tiny influence over space that the calculations and consequent maneuvres must be absolutely precise.

While the probe has a camera that provide the reality to the mission, actually the data we will get is the amazing bit. We will garner from this mission all sorts of spectacular insights into the comet and as such gain access to the untouched building blocks of our Solar System. If you have ever asked the question how and why are we here, and you have got to pretty unique (in a bad way) if you havn't, then this is the mission that may just start to provide some answers.

The pictures are just the icing on the cake.

Perhaps even more important than before


Water filling the Earth's oceans is older than the formation of the sun, increasing the chances of life emerging among the stars, scientists have revealed.

The discovery suggests that water may be a common ingredient in the clouds of dust and gas from which solar systems are born, and not 'special' to our own.

This has major implications for the likelihood of life being found on exoplanets orbiting stars beyond the sun, according to researchers.

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Ok. I am waiting to see real spectacular photos ... I like you Merc because you are well educated, patient and respectful in dialogs.... Unlike jesse that in all of his answers he seems to be out of balance, ironical and arrogant.

every ******* photograph is spectacular as it's of another bloody planet.

Humanity despite the litany of problems we bring upon ourselves as a species has managed to do the unthinkable and place something on another planet successfully and are rewarding us the common man with images from across the unimaginable gulfs of space every day. That you don't think they're "sexy enough" or whatever is hardly NASAs problem or fault.

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Someone mention Scott C Waring, a www jeeze, they guy who sees rabbits and faces and all sorts of proof of alien technology. If that is where this picture is from just ask Scott he knows it all and we are all fools not to see it!

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