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Ig Nobel Prize winners

Still Waters

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Would you eat sausage made with bacteria from dirty diapers? Do you fear your cat is making you depressed? Did the "Grilled Cheesus" episode of "Glee" make you wonder whether Finn had lost his marbles?

Scientists have done the research and produced answers to these questions - and plenty more like them. Their work was celebrated Thursday night at the 24th installment of the Ig Nobel Prizes.


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"BIOLOGY: Dogs can sense the Earth’s magnetic field, and they prove it by aligning their bodies along a north-south axis when they poop. At least, they do so when the magnetic field is stable (i.e., not disrupted by a solar storm), according to a group of researchers from Germany and the Czech Republic. Their report, published in Frontiers in Zoology, included data on 1,893 dumps taken by 70 dogs representing 37 breeds. (Members of this same research group previously demonstrated that cows can sense magnetic fields by studying images from Google Earth.)"

I always wondered why my dog faced the same way while she was going. I just wonder how much the grant was and can I get one to see if bear really do it in he woods.

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I'm glad people don't align themselves on a north-south direction when doing their business. It would be a real pain to turn the toilet every time I went.

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