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Still Waters

'Dr Crippen's pistol' handed in to police

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Still Waters

A pistol reported to have belonged to notorious poisoner Dr Crippen has been handed to police as part of a gun amnesty.

Hawley Harvey Crippen was hanged at London's Pentoville Prison in 1910 for murdering his wife, Cora.

Crippen, who was born in the United States, is believed to have used hyoscine to kill Cora at his London home before attempting to flee to Canada.


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We know he poisoned her, and likely shot her,

"Neighbor's later reported hearing shouting, pleas for mercy, and what sounded like either a door slamming shut or a distant gun shot."


Noting that at the autopsy " Spilsbury concluded that a scar on a small piece of skin from the remains pointed to Mrs Crippen as the victim."


But there is nothing about a bullet.

So it may have been his gun, but I do not see how it will ever been proven, unless there is a bullet somewhere in the police archives which we know nothing about.

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