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Jojoba oil could fuel cars and trucks

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An oil frequently found on your bathroom shelf may prove a viable alternative to diesel fuel for cars and trucks. Early tests show that jojoba-fuelled engines kick out fewer pollutants, run more quietly and for longer, and perform just as well as diesels.

The search for alternative fuels, driven by dwindling oil reserves and concerns over exhaust emissions, has lead researchers to investigate more sustainable sources such as vegetable oils. Sunflower oil, soybean oil and even opium poppy oil have all been tested as potential fuels.

user posted image View: Full Article | Source: Yahoo News

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Guest Guest_bounty_hunter

Anyone remember the smart car, i read about it last week, it was the car ahead of its time and it suddenly "disappeared" along with the creato. Maybe it may happen again if someone designs a smart car again

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Bloated Corpse

I think anything that might be good for us and bad for big business will eventually not be seen ever again. Simply because money talks and everything else can walk. Hybrid and alternative fueled cars are becoming so popular simply because eventually there will be a day when crude oil will no longer flow as it does today. It's just another way to drag their heels yet bring in huge amounts of profits.

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