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Can we upload ourselves to a robot brain ?


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But it's still you even if it's a copy. If I made a dozen copies of the same movie, it's the same movie, right? It's a rather complicated thing. If all your doing is simply saving your memories to some kind of mind bank. Then it's just memories. If it's your memories and personality it's more you. If it's the elusive soul then it's you entirely, correct?

The only true way to know is successful experimentation. So right now it's just speculation.

It's a copy of your traits and memories, but it is definitely not you.

A Personality is a combination of past memories + genetic traits + environmental influence. All of these major factors combine and contribute to who YOU are.

If you make a duplicate of your entire brain structure and create a similar mind, that mind will be just like an identical twin, and not you.

You can look at real-life identical twins, who share very, very similar traits, physical features, and even similar interests, since they are very closed related, almost like a duplicate of each other.

But are those identical twins the same person just because they are almost completely alike?

No, because they have two sets of conscious personalities. Each identical twin, although guided through life by similar genetic traits, physical features and even similar environmental influences due to growing up together, probably even share same memories with each other due to being very closely bonded, there are minor to significant differences in the thought processes, choices in life they make, personal preferences and these variances result in two distinct individuals, not one person with two minds!

Another example would be two similar Dice.

Let's take it as an example that each of two dice has a total of 12 sides, individually numbered from 1-12. Both dice will have same color, dimensions, volume and mass. This will represent the similar Physical Features.

Each of the two dice also has a moderately higher weight on 1 side. This represents the similar Genetic Traits, and a tendency for the dice (or the personality) to fall more often on the side with higher weight.

Now, the hand will be the Environmental Influence. The way the hand tosses the dice will be the same way how the environment tosses certain events towards a person's life.

If you take these 2 Dice and toss them, both dice, with similar Physical Features, similar Genetic Traits (both representing Identical Twins or Mind Duplicates), the dice will more often fall on the heavier side (this relates to natural tendency to do certain things based on inherent traits when applied to the IT/MD mentioned above), but, due to the Environmental Influence, the dice will sometimes fall on the less heavy side. This represents the Individual Personality of a person in accordance to environmental influence affecting them in different ways.

This variation is what creates an individual Personality. There is no such thing as a "Soul" that is eternal or spiritual. The "Soul" is the Personality.

It cannot be duplicated, because the Personality cannot be fragmented. Mental disorders that affect the Personality (like Schizophrenia), do not actually fragment or duplicate the Personality into multiple personalities; they only distort the Personality to give the illusion of many minds, when what actually happens is that the Schizophrenic has one Personality that presents itself in multiple ways.

Because there is no spiritual "Soul", duplicating a mind to upload into the machine network will NOT make you immortal or eternally-living, because it is not YOU, since YOU will still be in the same body, same brain, same state and place..

In my first post on Page 2, I already explained this.

The only way to achieve immortality is to replace the brain, one biological cell at a time, with a robotic equivalent that performs exactly the same functions. Then previous, existing biological neural connections will re-establish themselves with the machine cells until the entire brain is converted into a machine one with the same neural connections as before, thereby maintaining the same Personality. Then the machine brain is serviced, repaired and replaced over time to enable continuity and permanence.

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Consider the mental trauma that would be sustained by a disembodied brain. Our brains are highly evolved to protect, sustain, and interpret our biological interactions with the world. Ultimately, access to the biological self is intrinsic to quality of life.

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The brain transmits signals via nerves...which are in reality...electronic communications. We do have the technology already to manipulate devices through these nerve connections...for example: prosthetic devices.

And there is a growing number of scientists who believe that 'telepathy' is indeed a real thing. I.e. brain waves from certain individuals picking up wireless brain wave signals from other individuals.

But we are a loooooooooooong way from the technology that interprets brain signals into cognitive thought process.

The reality will be not in 'downloading' a human brain into a robot...but slowly morphing robots into our body functions.

For example: suits that one can where that will give paraplegics or those who suffer with cerebral palsy normal mobility.

Also...suits that will transform soldiers into...Super Soldiers. We already have and are using that technology.

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The way I see it we could A.) Upload all of a persons experiences onto a computer brain; therefore knowing the robot would have knowledge of all the experiences the person he was programmed to be had, and pretty much guarantee said robot would always respond to situations in the exact same manner as that person did. Or, B.) We could clone someone, but the clone would be a blank slate, and the experiences it goes through would be what determine how it responds to situations. There might be a guarantee said clone would possess all of the mental faculties and physical features of whoever is cloned, but there is no guarantee that it would treat life in the exact same manner as the original copy. Either way once an individual bodies time is up their ability to experience life on earth ceases to be. As far as I know, there is still no foreseeable way to transfer ones consciousness to anything else. Maybe there is a magical plane of existence that our soul goes to when we die, or maybe we ourselves can be reincarnated as blank slates in new bodies, but, for the time being, once your present consciousness is done traveling on the third rock from the sun in a physically evident way, it's done.

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