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Ghostly tales haunt Monmouth University


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Founded in 1933, the popular institution has a long history of ghost stories and strange occurrences.

Located in New Jersey, the university's paranormal reputation was recently the topic of a paper by student Holly Ford who had heard stories of a ghost said to haunt the Guggenheim Library.

Read More: http://www.unexplain...outh-university

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Sounds pretty creepy to me!!

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I thought the university sounded familiar. I use to live in Jersey for nine years. Frankly, I think Jersey is the hotbed of paranormal activity. Well, from I noticed there of various media and website groups. Plus on my own experiences too, ;)

I've yet to find a university that doesn't have similar kinds of stories.

Same here. I don't know if community colleges falls under that category, I went to one in the first two years of my college career, then transferred over to a state university. It's at that university where I have heard stories how the attic part of one dorm building is being haunted by a female student who jumped.

I stayed the night at another university, when I was looking at places to transfer too from the community college I was attending, and that place had it's stories too. In fact, I was part of a group, each of us was two to a dorm room for the night, and the student who was suppose to stay with me, didn't make it for the program, so I had a room to myself for the night. I remember as I lay there before going to sleep, if that room was haunted, and yeah, I kept the light on all night. *shrugs*. Come to find out at breakfast the next morning, that I did stayed in a haunted room. Frankly, apart the coincidence of thinking I was staying in a haunted room, there were no haunts during the night.

Well, you can't have them all.

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