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Canadian groups seek repeal of blasphemy law


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OTTAWA, Jan. 8 (UPI) -- Following Wednesday's violent attack on a Paris satirical magazine, two Canadian secularist groups called for abolishing Canada's laws against blasphemy.

Leaders of Humanist Canada and the Center for Inquiry met last month with Andrew Bennett, head of the federal government's Office of Religious Freedom, and will request the Justice Department abolish a section of the country's criminal code making blasphemy an offense.

The meeting in December called into question Canada's encouragement of religious freedom abroad while a blasphemy law is still enforceable at home. The law has not been put to a test in Canada since 1935, although an Anglican clergyman attempted to prosecute a theater in 1980 showing the Monty Python film Life of Brian. The government declined to support the prosecution.

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This should have never been a law to begin with; but some people are just pansies.

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As a casual blasphemer and indifferent sinner I support anything that can enhance my ability to be offensive to large numbers of people.

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I'm glad to see proactive action being taken.

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I'm for the repeal. Canadians should have every right to put themselves at risk of being massacred by religious fanatics--just like the rest of us.

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