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Woke up from some whispering

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Francisco Fernandez

Before when I woke up today I heard a whisper saying I'm bringing tour brain down I don't know if its sleep paralysis or because of lack of sleep because I didn't feel that I could'nt move. 

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I had a similar experience when i was around 15 years old. From what i recall it must have been a stressful period at school with all the tests and stuffs i had to do for keeping up my good GPA.  It wasn't weekend for sure, though i don't remember which day of the week was it... 

So, I had gone to bed pretty late this night and I was so exhausted due to my full schedule, that I was knocked out cold in like 1 minute. I don't even remember dreaming, only complete darkness. But suddenly around 6am I heard someone saying my name in my ear, so loud and clear that I wake up instantly. It said it one time only and I 'jumped' out of my sleep. At first, I thought it was my mum cause it sounded more like a female voice ... But when i asked her she said that she was at work the time I heard it.... Then I thought it was my little sisters but they were asleep at the time...

I don't know why 'she' called me that morning and i haven't heard her ever since, from what I remember. I told my dad what happened and he suggested that it was probably stress from school, although it felt like something else.... Something more... 

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