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Latitudes of terror


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Edward Crabtree: Were it not for the rumble of traffic and the odd glimpse of office blocks through the trees, the place could feel like a part of peaceful countryside. In fact we are but four Metro stops away from Moscow’s Red Square. Then we encounter a ravine. This is the size of a small road and about the height of two people. Now and again you meet Muscovite families on a stroll, crossing the wooden bridge across the ravine and looking at the ancient stones and reading the new signs telling of the local flora. So far there is nothing untoward: you would not know that, here in Golosov ravine in the Kolomenskaya region of Moscow, you are in what the tourist site Geomerid.com calls 'one of the most anomalous areas in central Russia'.

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Sanderson's article "Vile Vortices" was originally published in Argosy magazine in 1968 and collected in his book More Things in 1969.

He credits author Vincent Gaddis with first bringing the Bermuda Triangle to world attention in an article Gaddis wrote for Argosy in 1964.

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