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Raptor Witness

Israel's Nuclear Program - The Hard Evidence

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and then

Oh well, let's thank God that Israel is in a position to never have to use them. The West will just have to make sure Israel is always kept powerful enough to ensure their little turf never get's overrun by hordes of fanatic Islamists otherwise those safe little hands might just have to push the button and go baboom. Because that was the reason they developed nukes wasn't it? For defense, so they could send a few confetti's towards Teheran, for example, when things got messy.

Phew, I feel safer already, although I'm a bit confused and for the life of me I just can't get my head around this part. Remind me why Iran, who is constantly getting threatened by Israel and who has nukes for defensive purposes, can't do the same for defensive purposes? Because they're unstable I hear you say. Yet, they've never attacked anyone and have had constant foreign interference since 1953. Who is declaring their instability? The UN I hear you say because of their enrichment program. That same UN who completely ignored to send their IAEA to Dimona to verify Israel's enrichment program. Well fair enough, I wouldn't have taken the risk in going to Dimona either if I was them since Israel never agreed to join the Non Proliferation Treaty. :lol: Totally laughable and biased.

So, if Iran does as North Korea did, then the UN wouldn't have a say in the matter, correct?

What, when, where, who?? :huh:

I think we've found the essence of the disconnect. If I tell you loudly and in every way possible that I hate your guts - your kids too - and that you sooner or later will cease to exist, THEN I hire some like minded people to harm your pets...burn your garage.... beat your kids on their way home from school ... would you still say I haven't attacked you? And this IS precisely what Hamas, Hizballah and Syria have been up to for years. The second disconnect is that you glibly speak of "fanatic Islamists" as though they are some joke and do not really exist. Face it mate, on your ledger Israel is illegitimate and ANYTHING that happens to them is okay. There can be no other real reason for you to see this problem in the way you do. Otherwise you'd see the danger to their existence and the reason they act the way they do in the area of defense. The settlement issue is another can of worms. But I'll remind you that had the Arabs accepted the original resolution and tried to live peacefully with their new neighbors then none of this would have been necessary. THAT part is NOT illegal.

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Daughter of the Nine Moons

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