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George Ford

Blood found INSIDE banana kid was gonna eat!

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Darn!!! no rotten bananas on shelves....will have to email Aldi`s and complain!!

If I buy some non rotton ones, Do you know how many we will need to make a full pint and how many days does it take to produce the alcohol and how do we get the alcohol out or do we just eat them or throw them in a blender?

Hope this is not going to be complicated, i only want a bit of alcohol. :blush:

Someone once told my dad that if he put some potatoes in a sock and put a bucket underneath it that he could make Vodka.

Mum found the shrivelled up potatoes several weeks later in the airing cupboard and told him to chuck them.

A few weeks later, She found the even more shrivelled up potatoes in his side of the wardrobe and a nasty black goo in the bucket.

She told him to sling it, Again, Then found it a couple of weeks later in the cupboard under the stairs. She chucked it out herself then. Poor dad.

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Sir Smoke aLot

Oh dear, not those 'food package' liars again :D

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The picture looks blurry so it's hard to tell. But from the way it looks, it looks more like a rotten Banana then blood cause the color looks more a darkish black then red.

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Redefining Success
On 2017-4-27 at 3:27 PM, Jay_Atlas_X12 said:

Has anyone realized that this is fake yet?


I don't think anyone cares 2 years after.

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